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UniTreEdu: conferenza su “La Mela d’Oro – Primo Chakra”
Relatrice dott.ssa Susanna Basile (psicologa e sessuologa clinica /UniTreEdu). Appuntamento online giovedì 8 giugno 2023 alle ore 17.30. Prenotarsi inviando email: entro le ore 13.00 di mercoledì 7 giugno.
Wizard and Dragon game
Wizards and Dragons Game, fork of Wolf Game, seems to be taking its place under the sun. Indeed, Wolf Game was put on hold because of several vulnerabilities affecting the gameplay. But the Wizards team managed to fix the main flaws of the open-source code. For example, Wizards & Dragons distinguished itself from other Wolf Game forks by fixing a randomization issue.
Ownership and Decentralization
The term Web3 was taken up years later to promote a “decentralized web”. This has brought a lot of criticism, because the internet is already decentralized. It was therefore mainly a question of decentralizing not the internet, but rather the ownership of our digital identity. With Ethereum and its smart contracts, the use of blockchain seemed to be part of the solution to this problem.
Centralization effects CryptoPunk
The CryptoPunks market is therefore becoming more and more centralized but above all, completely inaccessible to ordinary mortals. With the arrival of different investment groups like Three Arrow Capital that are only looking for the “most valuable” NFTs, it seems that competition for the acquisition of CryptoPunks is taking hold. Between what seems to have become two opposing camps.